Why does my circular saw keep stopping?

Circular saws are always admired for their incisive cuts. Professionals, as well as beginners, love to play with this indispensable tool and that’s why you will find it in every worker’s arsenal. However, the most inevitable issue or question that revolves around the world of the circular saw is “why does my circular saw keep stopping”?

Having a dull blade, cutting wrong items, a loosened bolt, faulty motor, or even a worn-out arbor could be the cause of it. Sometimes overheating can cause problems.

Today we're gonna discuss all possible reasons regarding this problem in detail so that you can spot them before it becomes too late. Also, we will suggest some solutions too. So, let’s begin…

9 reasons behind circular saw keep stopping

Whether you use a corded circular saw or a battery-powered circular saw, you will face any of the following complications that lead to the frequently saw stopping problem. Without further ado, let’s see the causes, solve them, and increase the durability of your expensive circular saw.

1. Dull blade

The blade is the crucial part of a circular saw as it takes down the workpiece. Your saw’s blade will certainly dent over time and you have to change it when necessary. If you don’t care about the blade’s dullness and keep working with it, then you will surely go through the saw hiccup problem.

Actually, a dull blade can’t smoothly cut the object that you are working and your top-notch circular saw has to pay the penalties.

So, you must ensure that your saw is equipped with sharp blades every time you tend to start a new project. If you are working on a big project, you must check the blade’s condition from time to time. Change the blade immediately once you detect its dullness.

2. Incorrect cutting materials

Every machine comes with its specification. Different models of circular saws are designed to deal with different types of materials. Some guys can slice metal and tiles effortlessly while others are ideal for only woods. Some DIYers( Especially beginners) don’t read the manufacturer's instructions about their saws’ usage and saws start to malfunction due to applying on the wrong work piece.

Therefore, please know about your saw and its capabilities so that you can cut the right thing with the right tool.

3. Loosen bolt or clutch

Another common cause behind circular saw’s frequent stopping is the nuts and bolts around the blade are loose. This occurs due to lack of maintenance or you have changed the blade carelessly without tightening them. No matter what’s the reason, it won’t let the circular saw’s blade work properly.

When this happens the right thing is tightening those parts up using a wrench so that your blade stays in place and can cut smoothly without any issues!

4. Inappropriate operation

A power tool generates extreme power and speed to do its intended task and a circular saw is no exception. But, it doesn’t mean that you can use it the way you like. Rather you should follow some basic cutting rules that are maintained worldwide. Otherwise, your saw may stop suddenly during the middle of the work and ruin your expensive workpiece.
So, you have to learn the proper way of using a circular saw to get rid of such inconvenience.

5. Power inconsistency

Both cordless and corded circular saws can keep stopping during work if they don’t receive enough power from the source. In the case of battery-powered cutters, you need to ensure that the battery is fully charged and for corded power saws, make sure the machine is getting adequate and consistent power from the power outlet.
Also, check the saw on-off button because any electrical misadjustment or interruption in this area can force the saw to stop working abruptly.

6. Faulty motor

The Motor is the main driving force of a circular saw and it gives all the supremacy and speed to any saw. As everything dents and damages with time, your saw’s motor can become defective. And, it is obvious that you can’t keep cutting smoothly if you have a faulty motor. In such situations, you need to change the motor if possible.
Also, damaged motor brass creates sudden saw stoppage problems. Don’t worry, you can buy new brass from the online marketplace, and it’s very cheap too.

7. Solidified grease

No doubt; Grease is a significant lubricant for all machines including a circular saw. And when it becomes old and solidified, the machine will start to malfunction or even shut down unexpectedly. Sometimes the motor generates odd sounds which indicate there is hard grease stuck inside.

So, you need to provide new and standard quality grease to get an immediate impact on the saw’s performance while taking out the solidified grease at the same time. Here, Lithium grease is a good choice and they are available in popular marketplaces too.

8. Overheating

If you run your circular saw for a long time without any break, it could get intensely heated. Yes, overheating is not a pleasant thing for such machines, it leads to error, and the saw's internal parts can be harmed. On the other hand, the thermal switch will stop the saw immediately once it becomes excessively hot.
Therefore, you need to give a proper break to the saw between projects so that it can cool down and be prepared for the next projects.

9. Worn-out Arbor

A circular saw’s arbor is its motor shaft or spindle that is used for mounting the blade. There could be an issue with the arbor if the circular saw keeps stopping during operation. The most common thing that happens is the Arbor gets worn out due to years of regular cutting. So, it couldn’t hold the blade firmly and this affects the overall performance of the saw including frequent stopping.


From home renovation projects to typical woodworking, the right circular saw can accomplish any cutting job in style. If you handle this sensational cutting tool properly, it's gonna serve for decades.
We believe we have discussed some important reasons and gave you some essential solutions trying to solve the question- “why does my circular saw keep stopping.” Now, you can try the above-given solutions if your circular stops during cutting materials. Good luck!

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