Grizzly G0555lx Deluxe Bandsaw Review



Weight:  247 lbs
Size: 3X-Large
Dimensions: 45 x 21.5 x 18 inches
Measurement System: Metric
Included Components:  Power-band-saws

This version of the bandsaw is made entirely of ball-bearings with a cast iron frame and an iron table that has been made with utmost precision to stand level on the ground.

The Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw has been attached with a computerized cast iron wheel and has been manufactured to have a strong and sturdy T-shaped aluminum construction body, which is supported by rubber tires.

The frame structure is also critically acclaimed with a cast iron frame, a superior quality stands to carry out cutting in custom shapes and lumber work.

Pros :

  • Relatively low price in comparison to other products with similar power frame
  • Comes with features like a dust port, fence, and miter gauge
  • The bandsaw is CSA C22 specified
  • The stand allows for stability and precision


  • It has a 1HP power rating, whereas you can find 2HP bandsaws in the same range


The Grizzly G0555LX Grand Bandsaw is an exceptionally ideal plan with condition-of-workmanship highlights with the ideal load to work and perform said undertakings. Since it is affirmed it very well may be guaranteed that the client will get an extraordinary nature of work at standard with the business principles.

Overall Design:

The G0555 range of 14" Bandsaws, the G0555LX model features electric cast-iron wheels, and its upper edge guides feature a rack-and-pinion mechanism, as well as and a strong T-shaped structure. This is a huge load of bandsaw at a stunning expense.

This bandsaw runs tactfully and cuts definitely with a ton of capacity for performing crosscuts and resaw on all types of wood. Twisted cuts, circles, and materials are not hard to do. The bandsaw incorporates a cast-iron edge and bad-to-the-bone stand and works with inconsequential vibration considering exact cutting.

The three metal ball rollers on the upper and lower edge can be changed easily. The table inclinations go up to 45° aside and up to 15° to the left. The precision ground table is made from heavy-duty cast iron and is smooth.

The fence is planned for fast and straightforward association and ejection and has an enhanced magnification scale for speedy exact changes. The G0555LX has 110V pre-wiring and can be plugged into any divider vault with a 110V voltage rating.

Solid Construction:

The bandsaw is durable and is made to last for a long time, perhaps even your whole lifetime. Its iron frame, heavy-duty body, and powdered paint prevent the body from corroding. The aluminum and computerized precision cutter iron body offer a stable work surface.  The G0555 is also very budget-friendly for the features it boasts.

Powerful Engine:

The G0555 has an engine of 1HP, thus making it a strong enough model to cut through all the materials present in workshops and construction sites. The model runs on 110V and 220V power outlets and is a relatively quiet model for an engine of such high power.


The fence gives the bandsaw more control over the materials being used as the blade works its way through. It is made with aluminum which gives the model a deluxe extruded finish that has been designed to be easy to use and have an easy to remove and attach the body.  It has a magnified cursor scale for fast and accurate adjustments.

Customer Feedback:

One of the reviews by a user said that they had upgraded to this model of the Grizzly equipment after previously having used the 10” Wen Bandsaw, They stated that the difference between both the models was quite evident and had taken the reviewer by surprise. According to them, the Wen bandsaw could cut through 6” blocks of different kinds of hardwoods and softwoods.

They further said that although the Wen was a good product the G0005X Deluxe is on another level compared to it as they barely felt any difference while cutting through hardwood and softwood alike. The base and frame are solid and of good quality.

The guides were simple to use and quite easy to adjust as well. However, the customer was a bit disappointed with the dust collection of the equipment since they had to physically remove it but that doesn’t change the performance of the machine. They said that the table and equipment have good quality which makes it extremely durable and trustworthy.

There are other similar reviews for the chainsaw which are a clear indication that the Grizzly G0555x Deluxe Bandsaw is a great choice with equally great features which help a user in completing a task easily, the model is also hassle-free with all required mechanics given. According to users, the model also withstood long and severe transportation.

The customers have also said that the company, Grizzly, is customer friendly. It tries its best to make sure that every customer is satisfied with the products they have received. In cases where the equipment was slightly or majorly damaged the company was prompt to change or replace it. The model also came with instructions and is also user-friendly and doesn’t necessarily need an instructions manual for assembling and operating.

What is the verdict on the Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe bandsaw?

According to the reviews, the G0555LX is a very successful model which can be purchased for personal and commercial use without any hindrance. The models built, power and efficiency are almost equal to that of a state-of-art model given within an appropriate budget.

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