Entry Level Dewalt Cordless Circular Saw Review



  • Weight: 16 pounds

  • Dimensions: 13″ x 17.63″ x 9.31″  

  • Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion battery 

  • Voltage: 20 Volts 

  • Speed: 3700 RPM

  • Average Battery Life: 24 Hours

  • Blade: 140mm 32 TCT blade

  • Depth of cut: 43mm

  • Warranty Description: 3-year limited warranty

A Quick Overview: Dewalt hand-held cordless circular power-tool offers smooth cuts by its carbide-tipped blade. It will provide you the freedom and flexibility to cut anywhere—which is especially great for an outdoor job site. 

You can see the material and cut-line easily for the LED. The transparent front guard offers easy visibility. And the steel shoe speaks of sturdiness and resistance against wobbling. 

However, the cutting-edge technology may not like the high-end ones, but it is an ideal choice for the novices.


  • Offers clean edges 
  • The motor offers speed and efficiency to make the most intricate cuts.
  • The LED light offers enhanced visibility of material and cut line.
  • No need to drag a cord for small projects around the house.
  • The sight line window allows for easy, safe viewing.
  • The high-strength steel shoe offers sturdiness and resistance against chip build-up.


  • It lacks a rafter hook

Features and Description 

Recent innovations in battery technology have increased the performance of cordless models. And for quick tasks, it is hard to beat the Dewalt 20V 5 ½ inch model. 

Given the substantial power requirements of a circular saw, it features a rechargeable 20volt lithium-ion battery attached to the saw. The manufacturers design the batteries to work interchangeably with the entire cordless power tools lineup, including circular saws. 

So, you can utilize it when you are operating other cordless models. This small circular saw has a 5 ½ -inch blade, which is easier for the motor to turn.

For less than 400 bucks, you can get almost all the necessary aspects. The portable and lightweight design, nice case, and easy user interface – all of these traits have made it an incredible choice for beginners. 

Included Accessories

Right off the bat, if we look at the accessories that the manufacturer includes in this package – DCS373 Metal Cutting Circular Saw, 20V MAX XR Premium Li-Ion Batteries (5.0Ah), 5-1/2″ Carbide-tipped metal cutting blade, Fast Charger and Kit Box. 


The 140mm 32 TCT blade is already fitted, and you can get away with it. The blade is specially designed for cutting metal tubing, pipes, rails, zirconium, nickel, cobalt, and titanium-based metal. The coating of tungsten carbide gives the saw blades the ability to cut through metals easily and ensure longevity. It allows the workers to maintain consistent torque while reducing the rotational speed. 

The blade is made with an alloy metal steel body and tungsten carbide inserts brazed to the tips of the teeth. It is designed to cut metal by a toothed blade to transfer the heat generated by cutting to the chips created by the saw blade, allowing the blade and metal being cut to remain cool. 

This cold saw blade stays sharper for an extended period. The teeth’ tips are ground on all surfaces to create tangential and radial clearance and give the proper cutting and clearance angles on the teeth. 

This blade is commonly used for cutting non-ferrous alloys. But it has earned popularity for ferrous metal cutting applications in the last 10 years. However, as it has a low resistance to shock, any vibration during the cutting process may severely damage the teeth.


This is a worm-drive circular saw, which is less direct. The maximum speed is 3700 rpm. It has more torque than a sidewinder, allowing it to absorb shock better and take on more strenuous cutting jobs. The saw is also suitable for jobs like remodeling and framing. 

Since this comes with a brushless motor, it produces less friction, resulting in an efficiency rating of between 85 and 90 percent. And the higher efficiency rating results in more torque. 


Like other Dewalt products, this saw works superbly. You can’t stress enough how great it is to be able to cut steel and have clean edges without the need to grind or file afterward. It is actually a time saver. 

Thanks to the sightline window or transparent front guard to allow for easy, safe viewing while cutting. The high-strength steel shoe is a nice addition. The steel shoe is inexpensive and sturdy but also heavy. The 5Ah batteries have got your back to keep you going all day long. 

The benefit of this saw over any abrasive saw is that this tool is cool to touch after you use it.  

Now, are you wondering about how to use a cordless circular saw?  

Let’s check out the steps below –

  • Install the blade correctly. You can follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper blade installation. Ensure that the blade is facing in the right direction. 
  • Calibrate the blade properly at right depth and bevel angle. 
  • Make sure to wear proper safety gear, including safety glasses. 
  • Have an optimal grip on the handle 
  • And finally, the retractable guard has to be in place before cutting. 


Before wrapping up the review, knowing how much it is going to cost you compared to the aspects would help you make the right decision. If you check my Amazon link, you will find the price.

Also, the items that are included in the package make it one of the best budget models in the market. 

The days are gone when you have to buy a corded circular saw for your projects. Advancements in battery technology have created the way to powerful cordless circular saws. 

After going through the Dewalt cordless circular saw reviews, I am sure you will love to get it for many reasons. This small bombshell is undoubtedly the best value for the money. For the DIYer who likes to tackle projects outdoors, this battery-powered one can’t be beaten. 

That was all.

Let me know in the comments what you have liked and disliked about this machine.

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