Bosch CS10 Review ( Circular Saw )

Bosch CS10 review


Power Source    : Electric Cord
Speed: 4400 RPM
Number of Teeth: 24
Item Weight: 10.2 Pounds
Voltage: 120 Volts
Item Package Quantity: 1
Amperage: 15 amps
Case Type: Bag
Blade Size: 7-1/4" In.
Bevel: 56°


Since the arrival of the new millennium, the world’s approach to the concept of ‘Do It Yourself’ took a new turn, and many people now choose to save money by handling some of the handyman duties around them. This is where the Bosch CS10 Circular Saw Review comes handy. Whether you are a professional carpenter, furniture maker, blacksmith, plumber, handyman or a ‘Do It Yourself’ person, this product is for you. It is from Bosch – a renowned name in equipment making. The circular saw comes with 24 teeth, weighs 10.2 pounds, and is 7-1/4 inches long. 

Bosch CS10 Circular Saw is a 12 volts machine that derives its power from electricity, through a cord, and which delivers an amazing speed of up to 4400RPM – the major reason why I went for it, and I’ve never been disappointed since I started using it. Read this Bosch cs10 review, and see why you need to go for this.

The Bosch circular saw cs10 comes with a 15 amp motor, and it is designed to handle very difficult applications by driving through 2-7/16 inches into plastic, metal or steel, wood, and other materials, delivering deep and fast cuts in the process. With this, different professional cuts can be achieved at different angles. So, with this saw, you can work on all aforementioned items, achieving different types of cuts as you deem fit.


According to information gathered from most of the Bosch cs10 reviews out there, users enjoy the features for different purposes. 

  1. Personally, I find the fact that it can achieve different cut angles with the adjustable bevel and depth levers very interesting. 
  2. Another thing I fancy in my Bosch circular saw cs10 is the fact that it can achieve very fast and smooth cuts through the amazing power output of the 15-amp motor.
  3. Of course, there are times when you want to achieve some level of precision accuracy in the cut line. This is made possible by the unobstructed cut line visibility, as the product is design to make you see the line as you cut, with the blower clearing the line of all dust.
  4. The product is designed to be very safe, which is very important for users, and very durable for those who wish to use for longer period of time. Also, precision and steadiness is ensured by the high strength magnesium composite footplate.
  5. The anti-snag lower guard makes cutting easy, while the depth gauge makes it easy for you to read the depth you’ve achieved will cutting.
  6. Also, because of the wrench storage for tools, you can easily change the blade and other tools whenever the need arises.
  7. Its ergonomic design makes it very comfortable to handle and work with.
  8. This allows you to change the blades quickly and very easily, in a seamless manner.


  1. Sometimes, this product could jam and stay out of square
  2. There may also be cases of the Bosch cs10 circular saw being bogged down and kicked back
  3. Sometimes, the motor overheats and smells
  4. It has no electric brake
  5. The 10.2 pounds is a bit heavy


Features and Description

Of course, there are qualities that we all look for before we settle for particular products, and the Bosch circular saw cs10 is not an exception.  The features that attracted me to this include: 

  • The bevel and depth levers that can be adjusted 
  • Designed to reveal an unobstructed cut line visibility
  • High strength composite magnesium footplate  
  • An on tool wrench storage
  • An anti-snag lower guard
  • A very clear and easy to read depth gauge 
  • Blower that clears the line of dusts 
  • Physically, the blades are of the carbide type, and the teeth are up to 24 in number 
  • When you buy one Bosch cs10 circular saw, you also get the blade wrench and the carrying bag.

The Bosch CS10 circular saw is very effective in carrying out its tasks. This is shown in the fact that it gives out a whopping 5,600 no-load rpm. This is more than enough torque to make sure that the job is carried out. Yet, the weight of the tool is a mere 10.2 lbs., making it very easy and light to handle and maneuver. This delivers a very wonderful cutting to weight ratio, resulting in efficient and effective cut.

The Bosch circular saw cs10 was designed to deliver even in tough worksite conditions for many years. This is guaranteed by the precision and steadiness ensured by the magnesium footplate. 

Its effectiveness is also gauged with the fact that it delivers fast cuts through decking and wood, with maximum accuracy and speed, through the high output motor of 15 amps. So, carpenters, farmers and other professionals enjoy it. With up to 2-7/16 inches cuts that it delivers on materials at 90 degrees, you will get maximum productivity.

It is also very versatile, as it is effective on varieties of projects because its 22.5° and 45° positive detents and 56° bevel capacity, ensures accurate cuts. 

Dust is also cleared by the blower output to make the cutline very visible.

The anti-snag lower guard helps it to pierce into the material with ease and reduce downtime.

Included Accessories

A look at what the package comes with includes: 

(1) 7-1/4 In. Circular Saw 

(1) 24-Tooth Carbide Blade 

(1) Blade Wrench

(1) Carrying Bag

(1) 10 ft. power cord


The tool comes with a motor that is powered with electricity through a cord, and which gives 5,600 no-load rpm. This is enough torque for all forms of cutting activities. Because of this, it does the job efficiently; giving out a rare cutting to weight ratio, and it can easily be controlled.


It is the carbide type, and involves 24 teeth. This is made for the cutting of cobalt, nickel, titanium based metal, rails, zirconium, pipes, metal tubing, wood, plastic, etc. Because it is coated with carbide, it can easily cut through metals with ease, and still last very long. Through this, the user can maintain consistent torque, while the speed of rotation is reduced.


The Bosch circular saw cs10 comes handy when people are handling materials of different types. Its ergonomic design makes perfect for cutting timber or logs of wood. It is the best for people that handle metals, as it cuts iron and metals effectively well. 

With the saw hook, you can easily store it as you switch between cuts. Also, you rarely experience downtime with this, due to the anti-snag lower guard.

Plumbers and people that handle strong plastic materials can also use this to get the accurate cuts they desire. I mostly use it to create bevels and straight cuts in materials at home.

Most importantly, fish farmers can also use this in cutting dried cod fish, and it can also serve other purposes in the farm. 

How to Use

Use the owner’s manual to assemble the tool, and ensure that the blade is properly calibrated. 

After this, wear all the necessary workplace safety gears.

When you are doe with the aforementioned, all you need is to secure the material you want to cut in a vice, and then place the saw on top of the material. Switch the saw on, and as each blade strikes the material, a small chip is made. It continues like this, till you get the desired cut.

Is The Price Reasonable?

I don’t think there is anybody who should not buy this. The product is durable, powerful, effective and easy to use. So, everybody who needs a circular saw should get it.

Yes, it is sold at a very reasonable price, especially when you consider its efficiency and the price of its competitors out there.

Final Verdict

The final verdict is that you should buy this product, because I used it and it served me well. Most of the Bosch cs10 reviews out there also attests to its efficiency. All the essentials that you might be looking for in an effective circular saw are embodied by the Bosch circular saw cs10.

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