About us

We are a group of tool enthusiasts who are bent on helping people get the best off all work tools. We do this by informing people about different types of tools, in such a way that once a tool is released in the market, we make it a point of duty to ensure that we list the tool in our website, and teach our visitors how to make use of the tool to get the best from it.


Our story

Tool Sense products list involves an avalanche of tools, their accessories and information on the best way to purchase them. We also inform you on how to get the best off them, where to buy the best of them and the best way to maintain the tools to help them live out their lifespan.

In tool sense, you will get information about almost every type of tool you can think of. We educate you on tools like power drills, chainsaw and many others, and since these are all very important to us, they all get the same attention no matter how big or small.

Established by Daniel Ryan in 2019/Thousands oaks California) the major mandate of Tool Sense is to take care of all the needs of DIYers and professionals alike. It is a family owned business and our online services could be accessed from wherever you are.

While it is our duty in Tool Sense to make use of these tools and review them for our customers’ consumption, we do not market any of them to our customers. What we do is to lay down the facts according to the specifications of the tools and what we observed by using them. It is therefore left for the visitors to consider if the tools will be capable of giving the services they seek for and whether to buy them or not.

Also, as a review site, you may not be able to buy the tools from us, but we may be able to inform you of the best places to get these tools. This makes us the best place for people who are getting into the DIY project newly. It is the best place for advice for people moving into new homes or offices or those seeking to start saving money by handling some of the handy man duties by themselves.

We have very elaborate and properly worded reviews. They are so clear and concise that people can easily understand the grammar, making it easier for our readers to assimilate our materials.

If you are a carpenter, furniture maker, plumber, blacksmith, or a handy man who wants to be properly guided on purchasing the best tools for your professional and DIY services, this is the best place to access the pool of information and recommendations you need as it concerns the best tools for your job.

You also have to know that we are not committed to or loyal to any particular manufacturer. Therefore, what you get here are very objective reviews of tools that come with the necessary warranties, while the choice of whether to spend your dollars on these tools is entirely yours.